Validation and verification bodies Accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14065

Verification and validation bodies carry out tests in the area of greenhouse gas emissions. Their conformity assessment relates primarily to the accuracy and conformity of the declarations made by companies concerning greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the EU emissions trading system. The relevant standard for the work of validation and verification bodies is DIN EN ISO 14065.

Accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14065

The DIN EN ISO 14065 standard goes back to the commitment to combat climate change with a focus on the reduction of greenhouse gases. For example, it provides GHG programme administrators or supervising authorities with the basis for assessing and recognising the qualifications of validation and verification bodies. The standard defines general and specific requirements for these bodies.

The general requirements relate to legal and contractual arrangements, responsibilities, the management of impartiality and issues of liability and financing. Specific requirements include specifications concerning structures, resource requirements and qualifications, management of information and records, validation and verification processes, appeals, complaints and management systems.

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