Vertrauen through accreditation

An accreditation by DAkkS confirms that organisations such as testing, inspection and certification bodies can undertake their activities competently in accordance with internationally recognised standards and in line with the regulatory requirements. This establishes confidence in the important work of these independent conformity assessment bodies and their services in all sectors of the economy.

For many commercial enterprises, accreditation by DAkkS provides important guidance for the selection of competing conformity assessment bodies. For the procurement of conformity assessment services and determination of the appropriate proof of conformity in the tendering procedure, the public sector must also be able to draw on the services of bodies that have been accredited on the basis of EU Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.

Industry and society can be confident that as a rule, accredited conformity assessment bodies work on the basis of scientifically recognised and objective methods and at the highest technical level, and that they produce comparable and reproducible results.

Consumers for their part can feel safer, because the assessment of products and services is not arbitrary and is instead undertaken in compliance with regulatory requirements and international minimum standards.

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