TBT Enquiry Point

DAkkS is part of the National TBT Enquiry Point. As a point of contact for companies and other organisations, it answers questions on technical barriers to trade. In Germany, the TBT Enquiry Point is operated by DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, on behalf of the federal government, with DAkkS experts providing assistance with all questions concerning accreditation and conformity assessment.

DAkkS helps to reduce trade barriers

If a German company wants to export goods to another country or offer services there, it must comply with the technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures that apply in that country. Because despite numerous internationally valid standards and agreements, there are still significant differences between many countries with regard to technical standards and import regulations. Such so-called non-tariff trade barriers, or technical barriers to trade, complicate imports and exports and make them more expensive and less attractive for companies.

TBT Enquiry Point

In order to reduce technical barriers to trade, the member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have concluded the “TBT Agreement”. An important core element of this agreement are the “National Enquiry Points”, which answer questions about specific technical requirements for companies and other organisations in their respective countries. In Germany, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has delegated this task to DIN. DIN has entrusted its subsidiary DIN Software GmbH and Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle with the implementation of this task.

The TBT Enquiry Point answers questions about technical regulations

When companies have questions regarding technical regulations for products and services in other countries, the German TBT Enquiry Point can help: from the German company that wants to know which technical regulations apply to its machines in Japan to the Chilean exporter looking to sell its sweets in Germany.

Practical examples

  • A German company wants to shut down one of its factories and sell it to China. The company want to find out from the TBT Enquiry Point which product certifications are required for export to China and whether the existing German certifications already in place are sufficient. DAkkS can help here and provides the TBT Enquiry Point the information required for this particular case. From there, the company receives a detailed response, supplemented where necessary by information on important standards.
  • A Brazilian food manufacturer wants to purchase an additive in Germany. In Brazil, the import of such substances is governed by special regulations. This means, for example, that a testing laboratory must have confirmed that the substance can be used safely in food. DAkkS can provide information on whether testing laboratory in question is accredited and whether the German test report is recognised in Brazil.

How to contact the TBT Enquiry Point

Are you a German company looking to export goods or services to a foreign country and do you have product-specific questions relating to technical regulations in that country? Are you looking for information on specific regulations in Germany? Then the TBT Enquiry Point is the right contact for you. Enquiries are answered exclusively by e-mail. The information is provided free of charge.

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