Step 6: Maintenance Assessors at DAkkS

Technical competence is the decisive factor for the quality of the accreditation activities undertaken by DAkkS. This is how you maintain your qualifications.

As an assessor and technical expert, you provide information about your current technical competences every four years. This ensures that both your qualifications and your scope of appointment remain in line with the relevant requirements.

Formal review

For the purpose of maintaining your appointment, our Assessor Management will ask you to submit the following documentation in due course:

  • Application for maintenance of appointment
  • Updated form on subject-specific requirements
  • Details of your career to date including supporting documents

DAkkS training courses and subject-specific events

For technical and system assessors, annual participation in the DAkkS internal training courses is obligatory To ensure the maintenance of technical competence, evidence of regular participation in subject-specific events is also required.

Technical experts demonstrate the maintenance of their technical competence exclusively through regular participation in subject-specific events (see Annex 5 to the contracting agreement).

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Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Head of Assessor Management

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Julia Ziehfreund

Assessor Management

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