Step 5: Appointment Assessors at DAkkS

All requirements for appointment are met: the official letter will soon be on its way.

With the letter of appointment, you are now officially appointed as a DAkkS assessor and receive a detailed description of the technical areas in which you will work in the future.

The contracting agreement

The basis for your work as an assessor is the contracting agreement between you and DAkkS, which sets out the cornerstones of the collaboration. Before we can commission you and you can commence your work as an assessor, the original contracting agreement signed by both parties must be submitted to our Assessor Management.

Your service as an assessor will be remunerated at the following hourly rates:

  • 95 euros plus travel expenses as an external technical expert
  • 120 euros plus travel expenses as a technical or system assessor

Good to know

Remuneration as an assessor or technical expert on behalf of DAkkS is in accordance with the Accreditation Body Fee Ordinance (AkkStelleGebV).

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Your contact

Photo Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Head of Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-364

Photo Julia Ziehfreund

Julia Ziehfreund

Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-365

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