Step 4: Approval Assessors at DAkkS

The basic decision has been made, you have impressed us. The way is paved for your appointment.

After a positive assessment of your technical competence, you will receive an electronic notification from our Assessor Management and learn the details of the decision to appoint you as an assessor or technical expert. Depending on your work as an assessor at DAkkS, you may for example have to complete training courses or a period of work shadowing before your appointment.

The decision in favour of technical expert

The technical assessment of your competences has shown that you are capable of contributing your specific expertise in accordance with the scope of appointment you have applied for. An immediate appointment as a technical expert is made on this basis. In some cases, the scope of appointment may differ from the application.

There is no obligation to participate in DAkkS training courses.

The decision in favour of assessor (technical assessor/system assessor)

To work for us as a technical and/or system assessor after a positive assessment of your technical competences, participation in a basic training course and at least one period of work shadowing in your future field of activity are obligatory. The work shadowing is organised by your head of department. You can contact the head of department with any questions you may have. The appointment as an assessor is formalised when the training and shadowing is completed.

Good to know

Applicants bear the costs for participation in training courses and work shadowing. Work shadowing is organised as close to your place of residence as possible.


Your contact

Photo Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Head of Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-364

Photo Julia Ziehfreund

Julia Ziehfreund

Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-365

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