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Decision Step 4 of the accreditation process

The assessment phase has been completed. A decision is now made as to whether the assessed body fulfils all accreditation requirements and has proven its technical competence. Here you can find out who makes the decision, how you will be informed about it and how successful accreditations are made public.

Who makes the decision on accreditation?

The decision on accreditation is made by an independent decision-making body – the Accreditation Committee. The committee decides whether the accreditation of a conformity assessment body is granted, maintained, suspended or withdrawn. It also has the power to reduce the scope of accreditation and to require follow-up assessments on the basis of objective facts and circumstances.

For the decision in a specific case of accreditation, DAkkS establishes an accreditation committee made up of expert members. Its composition is determined for each decision to be taken. As a basis for decision-making, each member receives the documentation required for the case, including the recommendation of the assessment team on accreditation.

The Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is a DAkkS body made up of members who can participate in decisions on accreditation. Members of the Accreditation Committee are experts in their fields who have been appointed for this purpose by the DAkkS Executive Board. The technical areas in which each member can be included in the decision on accreditation are defined. The members of the Accreditation Committee undertake to commit themselves to confidentiality and independence in the performance of their duties.

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How will I be informed about the accreditation decision?

Notice and accreditation certificate

After the Accreditation Committee has decided on your case, you will receive a written notice. If the decision is positive, we will send you both the notice and the accreditation certificate including the annex to the certificate, which sets out the exact scope in detail.

In the event that your accreditation has not been granted or has been granted only in part, the notice will set out the reasons for the decision.

Accreditation symbol

When a case has been completed successfully, the accreditation is accompanied by permission to use the accreditation symbol – provided you have applied for it. With this symbol, you prove your competence within the defined scope of accreditation to industry, regulators and with respect to international trade.

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Database of accredited bodies

With the granting of accreditation, the conformity assessment body is published in the database of accredited bodies on the DAkkS website. DAkkS updates this database on a daily basis. It enables a comprehensive search and the certificate annex also sets out the current scope of the granted and valid accreditations.

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