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Application for accreditation Step 2 of the accreditation process

Every procedure begins with the application for accreditation. Find out here what applications are available, what other documents are required, what needs to be considered when filling out and sending the application and how the application is reviewed.

What types of applications are there?

For accreditation by DAkkS, submission of a formal application is always required. Depending on what you are seeking, there are different types of application.

Application for initial accreditation or reaccreditation

Use this application form in the following cases:

  • You are seeking a new accreditation and want to submit an application for initial accreditation.
  • You have a limited accreditation that is due to expire and want to apply for reaccreditation. This applies in particular if the time limit for your accreditation is prescribed by law.

Please use a separate application for each entity making the application and for each accreditation activity (type of conformity assessment).

Go to Application for initial accreditation or reaccreditation (only available in German)


Application for amendment of an accreditation

Submit this application if you would like to make one of the following changes to your existing accreditation:

  • Change of name of the legal entity / change of address / change of location
  • Amendment of the scope of accreditation / flexibility of scope
  • Update of the accreditation or certification standard / scheme

Go to application for amendment of an accreditation (only available in German)

Please use a separate application for each case of accreditation.

Would you like to make changes to the application during the ongoing accreditation process?

Application for amendment of an ongoing application for accreditation

If you would like to make changes to your application during an ongoing accreditation process, please use the following form:p>

Application for Amendment of an ongoing application of accreditation (only available in German)

Possible formal amendments to the application include for example:

  • Change of name or address of the legal entity
  • Change of name or address of the conformity assessment body
  • Addition or removal of locations
  • Staff changes relevant to certificates
  • Withdrawal of the application
  • Other requests for changes to an existing application are also possible during the ongoing process.

However, any subsequent amendment usually delays the process, particularly if the assessment has already been planned. The planning process may then have to be undertaken again or additional assessments may have to be scheduled to take account of the change. In this case, please contact the relevant DAkkS case manager.

Surveillance assessments and reassessments: application required?

In all cases in which accreditation has been granted for an unlimited period of time, no application is required for surveillance assessments and reassessments.

Exception: if additional changes to the accreditation are to be made during surveillance assessment or reassessment, an application for amendment is required. The application must be submitted at least three months before the assessment to ensure that for the planning of the assessment teams, both the scopes already accredited and the amendment being sought can be coordinated in terms of content and dates.

Go to Step 5: Monitoring

Go to Step 6: Amendment

What documents are required for the application?

Please always enclose all required documents with your application – this is the only way we can process your request and ensure that there are no delays in the application phase. All required documents are listed in each of the application forms. In particular, the following documents are required.

1. Application form

2. Scope of accreditation

For the processing of the application, the scope of the accreditation must always be defined. Specific application lists depending on the area are available for specification of the scope. You can find these lists in our document search under “Applications”. Alternatively, you can use the overview of all lists for the application for the scope of accreditation:

Go to Directory of Annexes for application for accreditation to apply for the scope of accreditation by subject areas

Please note that the application cannot be processed without the documents relating to the scope of accreditation

3. Information on the involvement of a power-conferring authority

In some areas regulated by law, regulators, power-conferring authorities or notifying authorities must be involved in the accreditation process. For this purpose, you must enclose the following completed form as an annex to the accreditation application:

Link to the document (only available in german)

4. Copy of up-to-date proof of legal form

Proof of legal form is also required for the application, such as a current copy of extracts from the following:

  • Commercial register
  • Register of partnerships
  • Register of cooperatives, etc.
  • Proof of recognition by an Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
  • Articles of association of a GbR (company constituted under German civil law)
  • In exceptional cases: Confirmation from the tax office as proof of legal form

5. Proof of authorisation to represent

As a rule, the signatory of the application confirms that they are authorised to sign on behalf of the legal entity. If this declaration is not made, written proof of authorisation to represent or another appropriate document is required for the application.

Flexible scope

An accreditation with a flexible scope allows the inclusion, within clearly defined limits, of additional testing or analysis methods in the accredited scope. The areas for which flexibility is sought must be specified in the application.

The “Flexible scope of accreditation” rule explains the possibilities and limits of this approach.

Link to document "Flexible scope of accreditation"

Who do I send the application to?

The application must bear the legally binding signature of the authorised representative of the conformity assessment body and must be made in writing. Please complete the application documents in full and send a single copy only in the original (not stapled) by post to:

Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH
Zentrale Antragsbearbeitung
Spittelmarkt 10
10117 Berlin

Sending the application: Alternative written form

Aside from the written application, the only alternatives to the written form that may be used are those provided for by law.

Send by De-Mail:


Send digital documents with a qualified electronic signature:


To use De-Mail, please refer to the information on the De-Mail information portal. Please also note the detailed information on the qualified electronic signature on the website of the Federal Net-work Agency.

How is the application reviewed?

All applications for accreditation are registered by Central Application Processing at DAkkS and undergo a formal review. Central Application Processing also defines a case number. If the formal review of the application is successful, Central Application Processing passes the application on to the relevant processing division for technical review.

The division will inform you of the DAkkS case manager for the application, who is responsible for the further processing and handling of the case and is the contact person for you as a conformity assessment body for all questions relating to the case.

When will further documents be requested?

Has the application review been completed successfully? To prepare for the assessment, you as the applicant will now need to submit all required documents and data.

For each accreditation activity, the lists of documents and forms to be submitted are stored in the document search. The documents are sent to DAkkS electronically in the form specified by DAkkS.

Once all documents and data have been received and successfully reviewed with regard to their basic suitability and plausibility, concrete planning of the assessment phase begins.

Assessment: step 3 of accreditation process

Where can I find all the necessary documents?

Application forms, all other forms required and templates of the documents to be submitted are also available in the DAkkS document database. Please use the filter search, add the documents you require to the collection basket and download your document collection as a zip file.

Link to document database

Who do I contact with my questions about the application process?

Do you have questions about the application process? You can call our team at Central Application Processing during the following hours.

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