Step 1: Requirements Assessors at DAkkS

The qualification and competence of assessors are of key importance for the quality of the accreditation activities undertaken by DAkkS. You must have these competences.

With your application for appointment, you will provide information about your professional and technical knowledge and your experience in the subject areas you are applying for. Your practical knowledge of quality management and assurance, with supporting evidence, will also be requested.

What professional and technical competences do you bring to the table?

As a technical assessor / technical expert, you will have worked full-time for at least four years in the subject area you are applying for, and your work in this area was generally no longer than four years ago. You will also have knowledge of quality assurance procedures and extensive knowledge of the standards in the subject area in question.

As a system assessor, you will also have worked full-time for at least four years in the subject area you are applying for In addition, you will have extensive experience of quality management in the various accreditation activities.

What personal skills do you bring to the table?

  • You are impartial, truthful, sincere, discreet, open-minded, diplomatic, attentive, versatile, quick-witted, tenacious, decisive, self-confident

Good to know

Before submitting your application for appointment, please inform yourself in advance about the requirements for the specific subject area in question.

Your contact

Photo Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Dipl.-Min. Barbara Pflugbeil

Head of Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-364

Photo Julia Ziehfreund

Julia Ziehfreund

Assessor Management

T: +49 (0) 30 670591-365

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