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Start accreditation Step by step through the process of accreditation

Would you like to know how accreditation works? In these pages, we provide information about the essential requirements for conformity assessment bodies and about the accreditation process – in six steps from the basics to amendment of an existing accreditation.

The accreditation process in six steps

To get to know the individual phases of a case of accreditation, please click on one of the numbered icons above. In the detailed description of the accreditation process, we also provide step by step answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do you want to go directly to the answers? Then please use the links in the overview below to find the information you are looking for.

Step 1: Basics

Where does DAkkS accredit?

Who can be accredited?

What is the scope of an accreditation?

What are the requirements to be fulfilled?

How long does a case of accreditation take?

For how long are accreditations valid?

What does an accreditation cost?

Who do I contact if I am interested in an accreditation?

Step 2: Application phase

What types of applications are there?

What documents are required for the application?

Who do I send the application to?

How is the application reviewed?

When will further documents be requested?

Who do I contact with my questions about the application process?

Step 3: Assessment phase

How is the assessment prepared?

How does the on-site assessment work?

What does the follow-up to the assessment include?

Who do I contact with my questions during the assessment phase?

Step 4: Decision

Who makes the decision on accreditation?

How will I be informed about the accreditation decision?

Step 5: Surveillance phase

How and why are accreditations that have been granted monitored?

What happens at the end of an accreditation cycle?

Can accreditations be reduced, suspended or withdrawn?

Who do I contact with my questions during the surveillance phase?

Step 6: Amendment of accreditation

When is it necessary to amend an accreditation?

How exactly is an accreditation amended?

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