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Relaunch DAkkS-Website All important information at a glance

Our new website helps you to quickly and easily find the information you are looking for. To make this possible, we have adapted the design, navigation, structure, user friendliness and content of the website. Here we introduce you to the key innovations on our new website.

Modern web design

An uncluttered layout focuses on clear forms, an accentuated colour scheme and varied presentation of text. In many places, the content is supplemented with coloured info boxes providing additional information. The web design is fully responsive and now also ensures optimised display on mobile devices.

New navigation elements

We want you as a user of our website to achieve your objective quickly. That’s why we’ve introduced two new navigation elements: the quick access and quickstarter features. Both elements are accessible from all pages. You will find the navigation aids at the top right (desktop and tablet) or in the menu area (mobile phone).

Adjusted main navigation

Our main navigation follows a clear logic and helps you to systematically get to know the world of accreditation and DAkkS itself. It allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for. The menu structure is divided into three main sections based on the most common requests for information:

1. Accreditation compact

Under “Accreditation compact”, we answer the most basic questions about accreditation – for example “What is accreditation?” or “Who is accredited?”. This menu item provides an introduction to and the most important basic information about the world of accreditation.

2. Accreditation concrete

Under “Accreditation concrete”, you will find further information for users looking to get to grips with the issue of accreditation in very concrete terms.

Under “Start accreditation”, we provide you with comprehensive details of the DAkkS accreditation process in six steps (basics, application, assessment, decision, surveillance, amendment). This section provides general answers to the most important questions concerning the accreditation process as well as links to other topics and important documents.

Go to start accreditation

SAre you looking for information on the range of technical areas covered by DAkkS? We offer you two points of access to further content: you can use the “Accreditation activities” menu item to choose between the different types of conformity assessment (standard-based). Alternatively, you can find content using the “Accreditation sectors” menu item (sector-based). The newly introduced sectors also play a role in the document search and the search for the latest news as an additional filter category.

Go to accreditation activities

Go to accreditaion sectors

This menu item also includes further information on “Accreditation outside Germany” and “International cooperation” and on the “Accreditation symbol”.

3. About DAkkS

Under “DAkkS at a glance”, you can learn more about our responsibilities and services, the basis of our work and our organisational structure. Here you will also find information for assessors and our careers section.


When searching for documents, you can set various filters to narrow the search using the search screen or directly in the results list:

  • “Type of conformity assessment”
  • “Document type”
  • “Field of activity / subject area”
  • “Date”

In the search results, the documents found can be shared, downloaded individually or added to the document folder.

Go to general document search

Assessors can find the documents relevant to them stored separately in the section for assessors (“Documents for assessors”).

Go to document search für assessors

Please note that for the time being, we are unfortunately unable to provide an RSS feed for new or revised documents.

Database of accredited bodies

The database of accredited bodies has also been redesigned and is now more intuitive and easier to use. You can set various filters in both the search screen and the search results:

  • “Type of conformity assessment”
  • "Location"
  • “Sectors”
  • “Legal basis”

In the search results, you can display detailed information about each accredited body. The certificate annex setting out the scope of accreditation is displayed in the integrated PDF reader and can also be downloaded.

For data protection reasons, it is unfortunately no longer possible to display any further contact details for the accredited bodies (contact persons, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers).

Go to database of accredited bodies


We have also introduced new features in the “Newsroom” section. We provide options for filtering our news to help you find the information you are looking for more easily. You can use the following filters:

  • Category (technical information, press release, official note or event)
  • Type of conformity assessment
  • Field of activity
  • Date

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