Prequalification Sector Committee at a glance


The Sector Committee on Prequalification deals with questions concerning the accreditation of the following conformity assessment bodies:

  • Prequalification bodies that prequalify providers of medical aids in accordance with Section 126 SGB V (Fifth Book of the Social Code)
  • Prequalification bodies that prequalify construction companies (PQ-VOB)
  • Certification bodies that certify security services in accordance with DIN 77200

Parties currently involved with these issues and in the work of the sector committee come from areas such as providers of medical aids, statutory health insurance and the construction industry.

Established subcommittee:

  • Subcommittee “PQ-VOB”


The Sector Committee on Prequalification is made up of representatives of the following interested parties: ministries, health insurance funds and service providers, and certification bodies.



Deputy Chair

Dr. Christine Kuhlmann

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