Pathology / Neuropathology Sector Committee at a glance


The Sector Committee on Pathology | Neuropathology is primarily responsible for the interpretation of accreditation requirements in the subject area of pathology. A key focus is on ensuring a quality-assured diagnosis for the well-being of patients.

New members of the sector committee are selected from the assessors available in the subject area of pathology at DAkkS or experts from accredited institutions. The sector committee can propose new members to DAkkS. The decision on new members of the sector committee is made by DAkkS.

The activities of the committee require that each member

  • Acts competently, impartially, independently and confidentially
  • Has an excellent knowledge of the accreditation case and the accreditation regulations
  • Is willing to work in a goal-oriented manner
  • Did not finish their work in the area of pathology/neuropathology more than three years ago.


This sector committee is made up of specialists in pathology and neuropathology working in the university, inpatient and private practice environments.


Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Hartmann
Institut für Pathologie der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Deputy Chair

Dr. med. Alinda Várnai-Händel
Institut für Pathologie, Bonn-Duisdorf

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