Information Technology / Information Security Sector Committee at a glance


With the establishment of this Sector Committee, DAkkS is responding to the increased importance of information security per se, information technology and the issue of cybersecurity, and brings the associated domains together: architectures, products and services, new infrastructures and systems such as cloud services and Industry 4.0, European and German law on information technology and information security of, for example, critical infrastructures and the management systems and technologies used for them.

The issue of the usability of these technologies, modern digital payment methods (for example cryptocurrencies) and consumer protection are also becoming increasingly important in these areas.

In view of the rapidly increasing networking of systems of all kinds and of an increase in threats and the information security technologies required to defend against them, accreditation as a confidence-building measure for conformity assessment is of particular importance.

Permanent subcommittees:

  • “Cyber and Information Security” Subcommittee
  • “Finance” Subcommittee


This DAkkS Sector Committee is made up of expert representatives of the federal and state authorities and of academic disciplines, industry representing themselves and, among others, conformity assessment bodies.


Heribert Schorn
Institute for International Product Safety GmbH

Deputy Chair


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