RSS newsfeeds

With the DAkkS RSS service, you can keep up with the latest news about DAkkS quickly and easily. By subscribing to our RSS newsfeeds, you can stay up to date at all times – without even opening the DAkkS website.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and is a format that can be used to read news regardless of the platform. The provision of data in RSS format is called an RSS feed. Many websites offer these RSS newsfeeds as a service covering various topics. Once subscribed, the newsfeeds automatically inform you about selected news on the website.

How to use an RSS feed?

To subscribe to the free RSS service, you need an RSS reader or an RSS-capable mail program. Depending on the software and personal settings you select, it will show you the new notifications and dates published on the DAkkS website at regular intervals.

You can subscribe to an RSS newsfeed by copying the link and pasting it into your RSS reader. You can find the links at the top of this page. Registration for an RSS feed is neither necessary nor technically possible.

What RSS feeds does DAkkS offer?

With RSS feeds, you get the latest news or information about events automatically. You will be informed about news from DAkkS in your mail program or other RSS-compatible programs. If you’re interested in a new post, click the displayed link and the information will open in your browser.

DAkkS currently offers the following RSS feeds:

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