Quality Management

The quality management system is an essential basis for the effective and efficient work of DAkkS. Uniform processes, clear requirements and a willingness on the part of all staff to improve ensure the high quality of the accreditation service. At the same time, this is the key to ensuring that industry, regulators, consumers and other interested parties can have confidence in the services provided by accredited bodies.

Development and maintenance of the quality management system

The job of the Quality Management staff unit is to implement the legal and normative bases and requirements for the activities undertaken as an accreditation body into a suitable quality management system. The main criteria for this are the applicable requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17011, the fundamental standard for the work of accreditation bodies worldwide. Further key requirements result from European Regulation (EC) 765:2008, the German Act on the Accreditation Body and from the requirements incorporated from EA, ILAC and IAF multilateral recognition agreements. A major focus is on maintenance of the complete internal QM documentation and the DAkkS rule set.

In addition, the staff unit advises the Executive Board on all relevant quality management issues, coordinates internal audits and external evaluations and acts as the interface to the Accreditation Advisory Board. The Quality Management staff unit also manages and monitors the efficient and effective ongoing development of the process landscape and the implementation of the DAkkS corporate strategy through Operational Excellence (OPEX).

Evaluations by the European co-operation for Accreditation

Evidence of the quality of its activities and its compliance with the relevant requirements is provided by regular peer evaluations by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), which DAkkS is subject to every four years. Quality Management provides support and assistance with the preparation and follow-up of these evaluations and, like all other organisational units, is primarily the subject of the evaluations.

Coordination of international committee work

DAkkS represents German interests at the general assemblies and in the committees of EA, ILAC and IAF and assumes positions of responsibility within these international accreditation organisations. Coordination of this important activity is the responsibility of Quality Management, including coordination with the Accreditation Advisory Board on international standard documents.

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