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DAkkS resumes accreditation in Iran in the course of the reduction of economic sanctions

DAkkS had suspended all activities in Iran in 2012
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DAkkS perspectively intends to resume its accreditation activities in Iran. The German accreditation body is thus responding to the positive political developments surrounding the controversy about the country's nuclear programme. With the coming into force of the easing of economic sanctions foreseen in the agreement of 14 July 2015 in Vienna ("Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action") the accreditation of Iranian bodies is expected to become possible again.

Due to the economic sanctions of the United Nations and the European Union then in force, DAkkS had suspended all activities in Iran in 2012. With the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" of 14 July 2015 the so-called E3+3 countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia and the USA) reached a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran in Vienna. The agreement foresees the far-reaching and transparent dismantling of the Iranian nuclear programme. In return, the economic sanctions imposed will be stepwise reduced.

In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), DAkkS is now reacting to these positive political developments: "In future we want to be able to offer our services in reply to the large demand in Iran", says DAkkS Managing Director Norbert Barz. However, the prerequisite for this is the formal repealing of not immediately proliferation-related economic sanctions, continues Barz. According to information from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the reduction of sanctions is not expected before the first quarter of 2016. DAkkS is currently making initial arrangements for the resumption of the accreditation of Iranian bodies.

Besides its sovereign activity as the only accreditation body in Germany, DAkkS also accredits foreign conformity assessment bodies to a limited extent in countries outside the European Economic Area (EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). "Even though our business in these countries constitutes only a small part of our work, it is of great importance for our international reputation in the global accreditation business sector. We are also acting in the interest of the German economy", adds Norbert Barz. "For this reason, I am pleased that DAkkS has been given the possibility to present itself at the next industrial trade fair in Teheran as an exhibitor at the stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy". The "Teheran Industry International Exhibition 2015 (TIIE)" will take place this year in the Iranian capital from 5 to 8 October.

Annabel Brewka

Personal Assistant Executive Board | Head of International Affairs

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