Assessments despite pandemic

DAkkS publishes guidelines on remote assessments

For the period of the restrictions
Press Release,

Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) today publishes comprehensive guidelines for its clients on how to carry out remote assessments. As far as possible, these replace necessary surveillance assessments and reassessments for the period of the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic.

The guidelines provide information for conformity assessment bodies (CABs) to be assessed in the near future, with the aim of implementing remote assessments in a customer-friendly and efficient manner. In addition to the basic technical requirements, the guidelines focus on the scope of and procedure for remote assessments.

Start of remote assessments

With the publication of the guidelines, DAkkS begins to carry out remote assessments. DAkkS case managers will contact the accredited bodies to plan the assessment dates and procedures. To ensure that the new assessment practices are implemented efficiently, DAkkS requests that accredited bodies wait to be contacted by their case managers.


Until further notice and as far as possible, remote assessments are replacing the usual on-site assessments. Remote assessments with the use of video conferencing tools will help to carry out necessary surveillance assessments and reassessments without endangering the health of everyone involved. In this way, the competence of CABs can be verified and their accreditation maintained.

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