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DAkkS and ASI announce new form of partnership

Under Tier Two
Press Release,

The German National Accreditation Body DAkkS and Assurance Services International (ASI) are pleased to announce a new form of partnership - bringing together national accreditation and ASI expertise in worldwide sustainability certification oversight.

In December 2018, ASI and DAkkS laid the foundation through an MoU - on 30.11.2020, both organizations signed a cooperation agreement, which enables the implementation of the ASI Two-Tier Assurance Program in Germany. Starting with Conformity Assessments Bodies (CAB) based in Germany, National Accreditation for ASI sustainability standards will be offered. ASI sustainability assessors will support the DAkkS assessment processes, leading to national accreditation.

Under Tier Two, ASI will deploy further complementary oversight mechanisms, which go beyond NAB oversight, including further field assessments, and integrity and risk management.

DAkkS‘ Chief Executive Officer Dr.-Ing. Stephan Finke states: „DAkkS does not only strengthen its function as the national accreditation body for Germany, more importantly we gain further valuable expertise in in the field sustainability matters. And besides the joint assessments for the German Conformity Assessments Bodies for the ASI sustainability standards, we will explore further areas of cooperation, serving industry and trade in safeguarding a global sustainable supply chain.”

ASI’s Managing Director, Guntars Lagūns replies : „Until now ASI International Accreditation and National Accreditation may have been perceived as parallel oversight processes; the intention of this cooperation and program is to create synergies and utilize strengths of both systems in the field of sustainability assurance. It hasn’t been an easy journey bringing the voluntary international system together with governmental accreditation. Yet, we trust this can be a real opportunity to increase the impact of sustainability certification.”

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