New organisational structure

DAkkS adapts its certificate formats for accreditations

New procedure comes into effect on 15 July
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Germany's national accreditation body DAkkS is changing its procedure for the preparation of accreditation certificates with effect from 15 July 2022. The adaptation of the certificate formats is a further measure in the process of implementing the new organisational structure and enables improved, effective and efficient case processing, in particular for the increasing technical complexity of the scopes in the accreditation cases.

The new approach applies to cases of accreditation that are processed by several technical units at DAkkS. In these cases, conformity assessment bodies (CABs) will in future be issued with an accreditation certificate subdivided into an overall certificate and partial certificates for each technical unit, with the overall certificate for an accreditation referring only to the registration numbers of all partial certificates that are currently valid. Both the overall certificate and each partial certificate will be issued in the original in the form of a cover sheet and an annex, and only the annexes for the overall and partial certificates will be published in the database of accredited bodies. The cover sheets for the partial certificates will in future no longer include a brief description of the scope.

Aside from the issue of partial certificates for the technical units, no further partial certificates will be issued on the basis of other criteria, for example for individual locations, departments or business units of a conformity assessment body.


Changeover of certificate formats starts on 15 July 2022

Overall and partial certificates for an accreditation will be issued for each initial accreditation and reassessment decided by DAkkS from 15 July 2022 onwards.  Existing certificates will be successively converted to the new format by the case managers during reassessments, reaccreditations or extensions or amendments. Notwithstanding the above, DAkkS clients can apply to have their certificates for each case converted. Applications must be in writing and are subject to a fee.


Establishing conditions: case transfer to the new departmental structure

With the conversion of the organisational structure of DAkkS, a comprehensive transfer of cases from the old to the new technical unit structure will take place in the period from 1 to 31 July 2022. Conformity assessment bodies (CABs) will be informed in writing about the assignment of cases to the technical unit responsible for them under the new structure, including the contact details for their personal contact person at DAkkS.

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