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Press Release,
Assessment despite corona pandemic

Part of the extension process

DAkkS is responding to the continuing restrictions on contact and travel and is extending the use of remote assessments. Whereas remote assessments were previously intended only as a replacement for necessary surveillance assessments and reassessments during the period of restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, they can now also be used under certain circumstances for the processing of applications for extension.

Press Release,
Assessments despite pandemic

For the period of the restrictions

DAkkS today publishes comprehensive guidelines for its clients on how to carry out remote assessments. As far as possible, these replace necessary surveillance assessments and reassessments for the period of the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic.

Press Release,
Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

To protect employees, assessors and clients

Given the spread of the coronavirus and taking into account the recommendations of the German Federal Government, the Robert Koch Institute and other competent authorities, the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) has taken measures to protect employees, assessors and clients. DAkkS will continue to fulfil its authoritative task and is asking its clients for understanding for the changes the adopted measures will bring in relation to our procedures.

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