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As part of the reorganisation of the documentation of its quality management system, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) has adapted the forms for the documentation of assessments. The revised templates are now available in the document database for assessors on the DAkkS website.

Among other documents, the assessment plan, the participant list and several sectoral checklists are available in an updated version. In terms of content, the changes made were only marginal. However, there is now a new system for the names of the forms. The familiar identifiers for forms previously used (75 FB …), which were based on the structure of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17011, the relevant standard for accreditation bodies, have now been replaced by DAkkS with a more flexible system. Other documents, such as the application forms, were already adapted several months ago using the same logic.

The content of the so-called nonconformity report has undergone a more comprehensive revision. In the revised version, the facts and circumstances identified during the assessment can now be better documented.

The partial assessment reports have also been adapted. Prior to the assessment, the conformity assessment body must now add appropriate cross-references to the body’s internal QM documentation to these documents. The ZIP files required for the preparation of an assessment already contain the up-to-date forms.

Important: If the partial assessment reports for upcoming assessments by the conformity assessment body have already been furnished with the appropriate cross-references, these can of course be used.

The lists of documents to be submitted and the forms for the annual statement are currently undergoing a comprehensive revision, in which DAkkS is also taking into account the feedback provided by associations. The revised lists and forms will be published by the end of this year. DAkkS provides separate information on this.

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