6th international assessor training

Accreditation Bodies co-operate to strengthen a harmonized handling of organic certification

Organic Production

Berlin, 7th May 2018 – From 14 to 15 May 2018, the sixth international training for assessors of accreditation bodies for Organic Production according to ISO/IEC 17065 continues with its objective to achieve an effective, risk-oriented surveillance of control bodies and the overall harmonization of international accreditation of certification bodies.

The training looks back to a long history that already gave a forum to international accreditation bodies and their assessors for the sixth time. In this year, participants from 13 countries will come together to hear and to discuss how to assess certification bodies in Organic Production.

In particular, the assessment approach and risk-oriented surveillance are focused on and put special emphasis on interpretation of residue cases in organic production.

During this event, also the EU-Commission DG Sante will give valuable input through a presentation of its audit approach.

“We are proud to host this international event.” says Dr.-Ing. Stephan Finke, Managing Director of DAkkS. “International harmonization of accreditation is an important and valuable task. An effective surveillance of organic product certification is of great relevance for consumer protection.”

The EU-Commission and assessors of different accreditation bodies are presenting specific issues on organic accreditation. The stakeholder perspective will also be taken into account. In this regard, the German Working Group of competent authorities (LÖK) will present their expectations towards effective surveillance for certification of organic production in third countries.

“Especially in the light of the ongoing revision of the EU regulation on organic production, such an event plays an essential part in a common understanding and a unified approach amongst accreditation bodies,” concludes Dr.-Ing. Finke.

Reinhard Gerlach

Head of Department Food and Agriculture Sector | Sustainability Standards

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