The DAkkS mission statement

As the German accreditation body, our mission statement serves as the guide for our daily conduct. It lays out how we fulfil our mandate and meet our responsibilities towards clients, employees, shareholders, the economy and the public. Our guiding principles are binding for everyone – regardless of role and hierarchy.

How we see ourselves

We are DAkkS, the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany. We are a central building block of the country’s quality infrastructure and issue accreditations in the area of conformity assessment.

Our mandate and benefits

We have a statutory mandate and we act in the interests of the nation and the economy, and of protecting society and the environment. Our accreditations create confidence in the work of independent assessment bodies whose services are required in many areas of the economy.

With an accreditation, we confirm that organisations such as testing, inspection and certification bodies can perform their activities competently in accordance with internationally applicable standards. With our work, we increase the quality and safety of products, services and processes. We thus make an important contribution to the protection of all market participants.

Accreditation is an essential part of the national, European and international infrastructure in place for safety, quality and free movement of goods. Our accreditations are recognised internationally and ensure that conformity assessments are accepted worldwide. We thus make a substantial contribution to free trade in Europe and around the world and bolster the German economy. We promote a continuous transfer of knowledge among the stakeholders in the quality infrastructure.

We offer our clients a competent, professional and efficient service that enables them to continue to develop in the long term. In response to the requirements of the economy and society, we accredit in both areas required by law and areas we consider to be meaningful and economically justifiable. We develop new scopes of accreditation and follow market developments.

Our competence

We examine issues carefully, ask critical questions, make our assessments independently and our decisions responsibly. With this approach, we provide an important impetus for the accreditation landscape and develop it continuously.

We have the experience and expertise required to fulfil our mandate. We can also draw on a broad base of experts. At the same time, we strive to improve ourselves continuously in order to perform our duties more efficiently and better.

Our belief

Our independence and impartiality are key pillars of our work. We always act in keeping with the values of our society and we are aware of our social responsibility. As a service provider with a statutory mandate, open, fair and transparent dealings are important to us.

We believe that we are doing something good and important. We are proud of that.

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