Mineral Oil / Operating Fluids Automotive Department at a glance

Accreditations and conformity assessment bodies

The “Mineral Oil and Operating Fluids Automotive” department is responsible for the accreditation of laboratories dealing with chemical and physico-chemical analysis of mineral oils and related products.

The focus of the work carried out by test area is on fuels and combustibles including petrochemicals, crude oil, bitumen, lubricants including engine tests using CEC methods (Coordinating European Council). The focus of the testing standards is reflected in the procedure matrix, in which the standardised test methods for the various test areas are listed. Due to the special selection of test methods using the method matrix and because there is a direct relationship between practical experience and FAM committee at the DIN Standards Committee for Materials Testing (NMP), the quality level of the test methods is very high.

The department “Mineral oils and automotive operating materials” mainly accredits testing laboratories in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and inspection bodies in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020. For the most part, accreditation is on a voluntary basis.

Benefits of accreditation

The test or inspection reports are used for example for the approval of products or to provide support with trade in goods.

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