High Frequency and Radiation Quantities Department at a glance

Structure of the department

The “High Frequency and Radiation Quantities” department comprises the three subject fields “High-frequency measurands”, “Ionising radiation and radioactivity” and “Optical measurands”.

Accreditations and conformity assessment bodies

This department provides support with cases for calibration laboratories on the basis of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and cooperates with technical assessors from the “High frequency and fields” and “Ionising radiation and optics” subject areas at the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB), as well as with expert assessors from the private sector.

Benefits of accreditation

The “High frequency measurands” subject field accredits measurands in the frequency band from several hundred megahertz to several hundred gigahertz. A great deal of technical and economic importance attaches for example to accreditations for the calibration of high frequency transfer standards for industrial high-tech laboratories through to the calibration of mobile measuring instruments used to test electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Also of major technical and economic importance are for example accreditations in antenna measurement technology and in the area of radiation protection and photovoltaics.

This accreditation not only certifies that calibration laboratories have a great deal of competence in the measurement of the accredited measurands, it also independently confirms maintenance of this competence by means of regular assessments.

It should also be noted that the accreditation provides evidence that the reference and working standards used are affiliated with the national standards of the PTB and that calibrations are based on internationally recognised conventions, for example on the international system of units (SI units).

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Dr. rer. nat. Marc Talkenberg

Head of Department Metrology – High Frequency and Radiation Quantities

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