Global Project Quality Infrastructure Worldwide acceptance of conformity assessment results

As a key component of the German quality infrastructure, DAkkS participates in the “Global Project Quality Infrastructure” (GPQI), an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The GPQI conducts ongoing bilateral technical dialogues with a view to reducing technical barriers to trade and improving product safety. The instrument of accreditation therefore makes an important contribution to the worldwide acceptance of conformity assessment results and helps to promote trade. The GPQI is implemented in Brazil, China, Mexico, India and Indonesia by GIZ, the German Society for International Cooperation.

Country working groups

Indo-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure

Since 2013, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has been cooperating with Indian partners within the framework of the Indo-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure. The focus of this collaboration with India is on the exchange of technical regulation and conformity assessment in various sectors. DAkkS is also involved in coordination in the area of data protection regulation. The establishment of joint conformity assessment schemes for data protection is envisaged, with a view to enabling business and industry to implement both Indian and German requirements with respect to data protection with just a single audit or certification, and to providing evidence of this for market access in the respective target country. In the first instance, the working group is developing solutions at the technical level, which will then have an influence on the political debate.

Sino-German Working Group on Product Safety

DAkkS is committed to its cooperation with CNCA, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, and with CNAS, the China National Accreditation Service, in areas including proficiency testing, interlaboratory comparisons and green product certification. The regular exchange that takes place in the Working Group on Accreditation And Conformity Assessment is part of an extensive dialogue on quality infrastructure issues conducted by the two countries. Its key objective is to improve safety and health protection for consumers and employees.

Brazilian-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure

In addition to a dialogue concerning the new legislative framework as part of the process of regulatory reform in Brazil, DAkkS will participate in the project in the area of data protection. Its purpose is to discuss the possibilities of a joint conformity assessment system for data protection and for the mutual recognition and harmonisation of existing systems. Another focus of this collaboration is on the area of sustainability and the establishment of the instrument of accreditation.

Mexican-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure

At present, potential project lines concerning accreditation remain under discussion. To date, data protection and the accreditation of certification bodies for information security management systems have been identified as possible areas of cooperation.

Indonesian-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure

Cooperation in the area of accreditation is currently being prepared. Here again, the issue of data protection will play a major role.

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