Health | Rehabilitation | Pharmacies Technical unit 4.8 at a glance

Focus of the technical unit

The work of this technical unit focuses on:

DIN 15224 – Quality management systems / services for healthcare

This area includes the accreditation of certification bodies that certify quality management systems of medical service providers such as hospitals, pharmacies, care facilities or rescue services.

BAR procedures

Rehabilitation facilities must implement and maintain quality management procedures. These quality management procedures are developed by so-called “issuing bodies” and must be recognised by BAR, the German Federal Association for Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation facilities must have their quality management system certified to be allowed to provide and charge for their services. Accreditation of the certification bodies that certify these QM systems is in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021.

Specialists in public health

This area accredits certification bodies for persons who certify specialists in accordance with UVSV, the German UV protection ordinance, and wound therapists or wound assistants.

Specialists pursuant to NiSV

This area includes the accreditation of certification bodies for persons within the scope of NiSV, the German ordinance on protection against harmful effects of non-ionising radiation in human applications. The people certified include among other those in the area of cosmetic applications. The background to this is that there are now many applications of non-ionising radiation sources on humans for cosmetic and non-medical purposes. The aim of the NiSV ordinance is to protect consumers from the harmful effects of this kind of radiation.

DIN 33961 - Certification of fitness clubs

This area provides accreditation to certification bodies that certify fitness clubs in accordance with DIN 33961.


Carsten Klein

Head of Technical (interim) Unit Health | Rehabilitation | Pharmacies

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