Social and Educational System | AZAV (employment promotion) | Occupational Safety | PSA (Personal Protective Equipment) | Due Diligence Technical unit 4.7 at a glance

Focus of the technical unit

This technical unit handles cases of accreditation in the areas of education, occupational safety, personal protective equipment and due diligence in supply chains.

Social and educational system

In this area, the technical unit deals primarily with cases for certification bodies for management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 that certify for example management systems in educational organisations, for example in accordance with DIN ISO 21001:2018.

Accreditation and licensing ordinance for employment promotion (AZAV)

This area covers the accreditation of certification bodies – so-called expert bodies – that approve employment promotion providers and measures on the basis of SGB III and AZAV. These licences are required for example in order to be able to carry out further education programmes funded by the German Federal Employment Agency or job centres.

Occupational safety

The focus here is on the accreditation and surveillance of certification bodies for management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 and for persons in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 who work in the field of occupational safety.

Personal protective equipment

This area deals with the testing and certification of equipment designed to protect persons against risks to their safety and health that is covered by Regulation (EU) No 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. The technical unit deals mainly with cases for testing laboratories (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) and certification bodies for products (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065).

DAkkS cooperates in this area with ZLS, the Central Authority of the Federal States for Safety Engineering.

Due diligence

This area deals with the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies that certify the compliance of companies with the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). The law aims to improve the protection of human rights along supply chains.


Susann Klawikowski

Head of Technical Social and Educational System | AZAV (employment promotion)| Occupational Safety | PSA (Personal Protective Equipment)| Due Diligence

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