Expert Council of DAkkS Committee at a glance

The Expert Council is a forum where technical experts representing interested parties exchange views and ideas on technical issues with DAkkS.


The Expert Council advises the technical units in the operational departments of DAkkS with regard to technical requirements for accreditation and technical matters relating to operation of the accreditation system. In terms of content, the working groups of the Expert Council have a supporting function for the technical units. The members assess the subjects of their deliberations independently and from a purely professional points of view.

The working groups provide support and advice in the assigned areas on activities including the following:

  • Fleshing out and/or interpretation of existing requirements for conformity assessment bodies in the technical area of responsibility
  • Drawing up and developing rules and procedures for the technical assessment of conformity assessment bodies by means of interpretation specific to subject area / technical field and specification of the applicable standards in each case

Work practices

Drawing on the breadth of personnel and technical expertise available on the Expert Council, the DAkkS technical units will independently set up working groups to discuss specific projects and technical questions at the level of Level 4 and 5 standards (see Table 1, EA 1/06).

In addition, DAkkS will bring together the designated experts at a separate annual event format. These meetings will serve both to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange on proposed topics and to provide information on current developments

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