Evaluation of conformity assessment schemes

Changing market requirements, new technologies and scientific knowledge and economic and social transformation are giving rise to the ongoing development of new conformity assessment schemes. Interest in including them in the portfolio of DAkkS accreditation schemes is growing.

Service for owners of conformity assessment schemes

Conformity assessment schemes are developed and operated by various stakeholders. These “owners” of these schemes may for example be companies, such as manufacturers or service providers, interest groups, consumer protection or standardisation organisations, certification bodies or legislative bodies.

All of these stakeholders have a legitimate interest in having their schemes included in the DAkkS portfolio of accreditation schemes. Because accreditation creates trust – in the competence and results of a conformity assessment body (CAB), and thus also in the products or services that are tested, inspected or certified.

Applying for a scheme review

For so-called “private” conformity assessment schemes, for example those maintained by interest groups, certification bodies or manufacturers, the following applies: to be included in the DAkkS portfolio of accreditation schemes, the scheme owner must submit an application to DAkkS. The decision on inclusion of new conformity assessment schemes rests exclusively with DAkkS. The costs for the review of eligibility for accreditation by DAkkS are borne by the applicant.

In the first instance, DAkkS conducts a review – if not already done at European or international level – to ensure that the new conformity assessment scheme is not in conflict with the relevant rules and regulations for accreditation, in particular EU Regulation (EC) 765/2008, the German Act on the Accreditation Body (AkkStelleG) and the basic harmonised standards for conformity assessment.

How is a new conformity assessment scheme included?

The decision as to whether or not new conformity assessment schemes are included in the portfolio of DAkkS accreditation schemes is taken by DAkkS after a thorough and detailed examination (evaluation) in accordance with the rules and regulations for accreditation. For the international recognition of conformity assessment programmes, DAkkS applies Rule EA 1-22 of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA). The document sets out requirements for the evaluation procedure and lists required information that the “owner” of a scheme must provide for an evaluation. It also provides guidance and explanations on the issues that need to be considered when planning conformity assessment schemes.

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