Electrical Quantities Sector Committee at a glance


The subject area of electrical measurands is characterised among other factors by a steadily growing number of accreditable measurands. One consequence of this is that the number of interlaboratory comparisons will also increase in the long term. Although required by the laboratory standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (Section 7.7), this is something that many laboratories can no longer achieve for technical and economic reasons. To resolve this problem, the sector committee has drawn up various proposals, such as how the many measurands can be combined into groups (specific areas of activity) and how the scope and frequency of interlaboratory comparisons in these areas can be included in a single accreditation cycle for our laboratories.

For example, for some technical applications in industry, the accreditation of measurement uncertainties for voltages and currents of zero volts or zero amperes is required. For the assessment of these applications, the sector committee has compiled the metrological requirements. On the basis of the proposals, “Assessment and Accreditation of Zero” is now part of the standard in the subject area of electrical measurands for calibration laboratories in Germany.


The Sector Committee on Electrical Measurands is a DAkkS committee which advises DAkkS in the subject area of electrical measurands. Its primary concern is with the relevant specific requirements for the technical assessment and accreditation of electrical measurands. The members of the sector committee include active technical assessors at DAkkS, scientific staff at the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), as well as heads of calibration laboratories.


Karl-Peter Lallmann
1A CAL GmbH Gesellschaft für Metrologie

Deputy Chair

Mario Günther
Siemens AG

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