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Role of accreditation in this sector

In the education and training, certification of persons field of activity, the focus is on qualification – where in many cases accreditation fulfils an essential function.

In the area of employment promotion, for example, the so-called “expert bodies” require accreditation as proof of their competence. These certification bodies are responsible for approval of the measures promoted by the employment agency or job centre and their institutions.

In the area of certification of persons, too, accreditation promotes the quality of the competence taught to staff and technical experts. Certification bodies in this area qualify and test people from numerous specialist areas, such as the healthcare sector, the motor vehicle sector or the IT industry.

Our departments in the education and training, certification of persons sector

Employment Promotion / Education

In order for an employment agency or job centre to be able to promote measures, both the institution or provider and the measure itself must meet the requirements of the Third Book of the Social Code (SGB III) and the Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance for Employment Promotion (AZAV), and must also comply with the recommendations of the Advisory Board pursuant to Section 182 SGB III and the implementation guidelines of the German Federal Employment Agency. These approvals are the responsibility of certification bodies accredited by DAkkS in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 or DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 and monitored annually.

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Head of Department
Dipl.-Päd. Susann Klawikowski


The Persons department is currently responsible for around 25 accreditation schemes and thus covers a broad range of subjects.

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Head of Department
Dr. Stefan Schramm

Application examples of accredited services in this field of activity

  • Measures for activation and vocational integration pursuant to Section 45 (1), first sentence, numbers 1 to 5 SGB III
  • Exclusively performance-related paid job placement in employment subject to insurance pursuant to Section 45 (4), third sentence, number 2 SGB III
  • Measures for choice of employment and vocational training pursuant to the third section of the third chapter of SGB III
  • Measures for continuing vocational education and training pursuant to the fourth section of the third chapter of SGB III
  • Transfer payments pursuant to Sections 110 and 111 SGB III
  • Measures for the participation of disabled people in working life pursuant to the seventh section of the third chapter of SGB III
  • Learning services for non-formal education and training in accordance with DIN ISO 29990:2010

Around 25 accredited schemes in the area of personal certification. These include:

  • Management personnel
  • Personnel for joining technology and non-destructive testing
  • Experts in real estate valuation
  • Experts in structural damage
  • Experts in fire safety
  • Experts in motor vehicles
  • Specialists in transport systems
  • Sensory experts
  • IT personnel
  • Specialists in health care

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