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Rules for accredited conformity assessment bodies on the use of the accreditation certificate, the accreditation symbol of the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH as well as other references to the accreditation

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The DAkkS is adapting its requirements for the use of the accreditation symbol. In future, it is planned to regulate the use of the accreditation symbol via a licence agreement. The published rule 71 SD 0 011 will not be revised until the introduction of the licence agreement and is to be withdrawn in the medium term.

In its current version the rule 71 SD 0 011 is not up to date in parts and does not reflect the complete set of applicable requirements..

Background are the recently revised mandatory international rules for the use of the accreditation symbol (ILAC P8 and EA 3/01) as well as some IAF Resolutions in the fields of management system-, person- and product certification. In its assessment activities, the DAkkS applies the applicable international rules and resolutions.

The international rules and resolutions apply primarily to rule 71 SD 0 011.

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