Benefits for consumers Some of the benefits of accreditation

Accreditation minimises risks

In its accreditation cases, DAkkS undertakes a careful examination, conducts an independent assessment and makes a responsible decision as to whether conformity assessment bodies provide their assessment services in accordance with the regulatory requirements and internationally recognised norms and standards, and using scientifically reproducible methods. Thanks to state accreditation, reliable, accurate and comparable test methods, analyses and results in the areas of quality, safety, health and the environment are possible. In a word: Accreditation reduces consumer risks, makes everyday life in many areas safer and therefore bolsters consumer protection.

Standardised as opposed to complicated

Standardisation is an essential basis for conformity assessment and accreditation. Technical standards are what make products and services, and the test methods that constitute the basis for them, comparable in the first place. Standardised and normalised requirements at all levels therefore increase the compatibility and availability of products and services. This pays off: in terms of quality, safety, production costs and ultimately also market prices – much to the benefit of consumers.

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