Benefits for business and industry Some of the benefits of accreditation

Accreditation offers guidance

State accreditation creates confidence in the work of conformity assessment bodies and their services, which are required in many areas of the economy. Accreditations define the minimum requirements for the selection of a suitable testing, inspection or certification service provider and provide important guidance.

Accreditation protects the market

Accreditations not only improve the quality and safety of products, services and processes. They also help to make certain quality and functional characteristics and other information provided by manufacturers easier to compare and promote the transparency of quality labels and other commitments in the area of sustainability and the environment. All of this helps to provide consumers with adequate and appropriate information and to make unfair competition with ineligible quality seals and false certificates more difficult. Accreditations thus make an important contribution to the protection of all market participants.

Accreditation facilitates international trade

Accreditations are recognised internationally and ensure that conformity assessments are accepted worldwide. This facilitates free trade in Europe and around the world and makes it easier for industry and business to access export markets and expand their business.

Accreditation makes economic sense

Accredited conformity assessments can significantly reduce expenditures and risks, thereby reducing costs. They help to ensure precise measurements and tests, avoid defective products, use innovative solutions and reduce monitoring and production costs. Accreditations make the risk in business relationships more predictable.

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