Benefits for accredited bodies What are the benefits of accreditation for conformity assessment bodies?

Competence confirmed, confidence established

Accreditation confirms that organisations such as testing, inspection and certification bodies perform their activities competently in accordance with regulatory requirements and internationally applicable standards. That creates trust.

Accredited once, recognised worldwide

Internationally recognised accreditation by DAkkS ensures that conformity assessments are accepted worldwide. In the international context, this increases the scope and freedom of conformity assessment bodies enormously. An accreditation by DAkkS opens the door to the world market, because worldwide acceptance is what makes services for customers in the export business possible in the first place.

Accreditation clears the way

In some sectors, accreditation is the first step towards state approval and is therefore the condition for market access, because in many sensitive areas, assessment services can be offered only by those who have previously demonstrated their technical competence in an accreditation procedure.

Accreditation improves competitiveness

Accreditations provide conformity assessment bodies with clear competitive advantages over competitors who are not accredited. DAkkS state accreditations prove that decisive factors such as competence and independence have been demonstrated in a neutral procedure and certify to this effect with binding and international recognition by EU and third countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Accreditation accelerates development

Accreditation enables conformity assessment bodies to develop sustainably in terms of quality while also optimising processes, reducing errors and improving assessment results. Enterprises that undergo the demanding process of accreditation recognise potential for optimisation at the professional, technical and organisational level, develop further as an organisation and keep pace with current market developments and requirements.

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