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Are you interested in training to become a DAkkS assessor? The qualification and competence of assessors are of key importance for the accreditation activities undertaken DAkkS, and they are ensured by regular training courses.

DAkkS assessor basic training

The basic training course imparts knowledge and skills in the area of accreditation and implementation of the various accreditation standards. Future assessors are taught the basic aspects of accreditation, and also equipped with the confidence required for the application and implementation of the relevant accreditation standard in each case, including the associated DAkkS documents.

The basic training course is divided into a general part (day 1) and a part specifically covering standards (days 2 and 3). Over the three days, participants are provided with information on topics including the principles of accreditation, the procedure for handling cases at DAkkS and the requirements for conformity assessment bodies, and about assessment techniques and the relevant accreditation standards.

Successful participation in the basic training course is an essential requirement for appointment as a DAkkS assessor.

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To work as a technical and/or system assessor for DAkkS, participation in the assessor basic training is obligatory after a positive assessment of your technical competence during the process of appointment. Are you interested in becoming an assessor at DAkkS?

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