The DAkkS Appeals Office

The DAkkS Appeals Office examines objections against decisions in a case of accreditation. It is an independent organisational unit within Legal and Compliance.

An objection is when a conformity assessment body or another party requests that a decision announced publicly by DAkkS by administrative act be reviewed in the accreditation case. The processing of objections is the responsibility of the DAkkS Appeals Office. This is an organisational unit separate from the divisions and is therefore not involved in the initial decision.

Information on the DAkkS procedure for objections

  • Please clearly indicate the administrative act against which you wish to lodge an objection.
  • DAkkS will confirm receipt of your objection in writing or by e-mail.
  • Your objection has suspensive effect, which means that the contested decision is not enforceable for the time being. This does not apply only if otherwise prescribed by law (for example in the case of fee notices) or if the accreditation body has ordered immediate implementation.
  • You can withdraw your objection at any time. Please note the requirement for the written form or the requirements of Section 3a (2) VwVG for the communication of electronic documents.
  • The DAkkS Appeals Office examines the admissibility of your objection. If this is the case, it examines whether the contested decision is lawful and appropriate. It also considers, but does not restrict itself to, the objections raised by the appealing party.
  • In the course of this review, the Appeals Office examines the case file, obtains the opinions of the relevant persons where applicable and, in individual cases, also commission a further assessment.
  • If the Appeals office determines that the initial decision was unlawful (or partially unlawful) or that the original decision can no longer be upheld at the time of the decision on the objection, it will remedy (or partially remedy) the objection. If on the other hand it considers the objection to be unfounded, it will reject it in the form of a ruling on the objection subject to payment of a fee.
  • The decision will be sent to you by post with notice of delivery.

Basis of the objection procedure

The lodging of objections and the objection procedure are governed by the provisions of Section 79 et seq. Administrative Procedures Act (VwVfG) and Section 68 et seq. Code of Administrative Court Procedure (VwGO). The procedure for objections is also based on the requirements of section 7.13 (Appeals) of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17011:2017.

Electronic documents with qualified electronic signature

Electronic documents with a qualified electronic signature can be sent to all DAkkS e-mail addresses. The term ‘qualified electronic signature’ is defined in Article 3 (12) of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (“eIDAS Regulation”). If the electronic document is signed in accordance with the requirements, you can use it to replace the written form required for the objection.

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