Agriculture / Food / Sustainability Department at a glance

Structure of the department

This department is divided into the subject fields “Organic farming”, “Private certification schemes”, “Regional certification schemes”, “Social and sustainability standards” and “Food safety management systems”.

Accreditations and conformity assessment bodies

The department is responsible both for the accreditation of certification schemes in the food and agriculture sector and for social and sustainability issues.

In the subject fields “Organic farming”, “Private certification schemes”, “Regional certification schemes” and “Social and sustainability standards”, accreditation is in accordance with the accreditation standards DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1. The subject field “Food safety management systems”, by contrast, is exclusively on the basis of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 in conjunction with the standard ISO/TS 22003.

The majority of activities are in the areas of organic farming and private food safety certification schemes. Other topics that should be noted are sustainable forest management and fair trade. The requirements here originate in legislation – for example in organic farming and the protection of regional designations of origin – and the voluntary sector, here primarily through private schemes for food safety.

Benefits of accreditation

This accreditation not only certifies that accredited bodies have the competence for their conformity assessment, it also independently confirms maintenance of this competence by means of regular assessments.

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Head of Department Food and Agriculture Sector | Sustainability Standards

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