Müller-BBM Cert Umweltgutachter GmbH

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Verification Body

Müller-BBM Cert Umweltgutachter GmbH

Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 13, 50170 Kerpen, Germany
D-VS-18709-01-00 | Issue date: 20.02.2024

Kurzschreibung des Geltungsbereichs

Validierungs- und Verifizierungsstellen für Treibhausgase nach DIN EN ISO/IEC 17029:2020, DIN EN ISO 14065:2022 und DIN EN ISO 14064-3:2020 in folgenden Bereichen:

Short description of the scope (machine translation)

Validierungs- and Verifizierungsstellen for greenhouse gas according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17029:2020, DIN EN ISO 14065:2022 and DIN EN ISO 14064-3:2020 in following fields:
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Further accreditations

D-ZM-18709-01-00 | Issue date: 20.01.2023
D-ZM-18709-01-01 | Issue date: 20.01.2023
D-ZM-18709-01-02 | Issue date: 25.01.2024

Note on the certificate status

In addition to the currently valid accreditations, the database of accredited bodies also contains information on withdrawn and suspended accreditation certificates. The status of an accreditation is displayed in the search results. The filter “certificate status” enables a limitation of the search results.

  • Active: These accreditations are valid without restrictions.
  • Suspended: These accreditations are temporarily restricted, either in full (“fully suspended”) or for part of the scope of the accreditation (“partially suspended”).
  • Withdrawn: These accreditations have been withdrawn for the entire scope in the past six months.

Suspension or withdrawal of accreditation occurs, among other things, when an accredited conformity assessment body no longer fulfils the relevant conditions for accreditation, does not comply with the requirements placed on it, does not follow the accreditation rules or has voluntarily requested suspension or withdrawal.

The requirement to make the status of an accreditation publicly available results from the standard ISO/IEC 17011, which DAkkS is obliged to comply with.

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