Accreditation Service Department Department at a glance

This department concentrates strategic and supporting activities related to accreditation in several service units and is responsible for the accompanying range of services offered by DAkkS.

AS 1: Competence Centre Standards and Regulatory Affairs | Committee Coordination

With the work of its committees, DAkkS makes an important contribution to the development and maintenance of the principles and fundamental arrangements in place in the German accreditation system. This service unit  ensures that a uniform understanding of horizontal, normative, regulatory and administrative law issues is developed and implemented. It also coordinates participation in national and international standardisation and accreditation bodies and agrees the position taken by DAkkS in each case.

AS 2: Centrally managed Accreditation Cases

Centrally managed accreditation cases are handled at DAkkS by several technical units, and many non-statutory cases are also characterised by a need for more detailed management. To handle these complex and cross-disciplinary cases with a strong focus on service, both internally and externally, this service unit is responsible for coordinating the workflows for cases of accreditation, with an emphasis on timely processing and high quality.

AS 3: Application Service and New Client Support | International Contact

This service unit is the central contact point at DAkkS for all incoming enquiries regarding accreditation and the submission of applications in both the statutory and non-statutory areas. Application Service processes and reviews all applications for DAkkS accreditation services centrally and consistently. The primary purpose of the application review is to accurately identify and designate the client and to check the documents submitted for completeness.

New Client Support and International Contact process enquiries and provide detailed information on accreditation required prior to the submission of applications – in both the statutory and non-statutory areas. In addition, International Contact also handles all questions concerning accreditation options that are relevant for conformity assessment bodies with a place of business outside Germany.


General Enquiry / First Contact

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Hannah Schultheiß

Head of Service Unit

International Contact

AS 4: Scheme Evaluation | Product Development

Changing market requirements, new technologies and scientific knowledge and economic and social transformation are giving rise to the ongoing development of new conformity assessment schemes. This service unit accepts applications for review of the eligibility of a new conformity assessment scheme for accreditation by DAkkS and examines and assesses it before inclusion in the DAkkS accreditation portfolio.

In addition, it also brings together all projects concerning the creation of new conformity assessment systems, either on the basis of or as a consequence of legislation or in the context of political initiatives.


Dr. Ilona M. Pawlowska-Kurzweg, LL.M.

Head of Service Unit

Scheme Evaluation | Product Development

AS 5 DAkkS Academy

Events specific to particular issues and target groups initiate dialogue at the national and international level. With the Academy, DAkkS offers an information platform for the exchange of views on current issues relevant to accreditation. The DAkkS Academy develops various formats and organises the relevant events, both for conformity assessment bodies and experts in their fields and for DAkkS assessors, providing an important impetus for development of the accreditation landscape.


DAkkS Academy


Natascha Rohroff
T: +49 (0) 30 670591-927

AS 6 Technical Cooperation | International Partnerships

DAkkS assumes a range of different responsibilities in the context of technical cooperation in international projects. This unit is the central point of contact for the establishment and expansion of European and international cooperation, for example for twinning projects, UNIDO, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and GIZ, the German Society for International Cooperation.


Jana Klink

Head of Service Unit Technical Cooperation | International Partnerships

T: +49 (0)30 670591-400


Photo Dipl.-Ing. Ina Stubenrauch

Dipl.-Ing. Ina Stubenrauch

Head of Accreditation Service Department

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