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Termination of assessments


Dokumentenart: Regeln gültig

Termination of assessments

Kennung: 71 SD 0 017_e | Freigabe: 06.11.2015 | 346.89kB | PDF

Additional Information to this document

The published Rule 71 SD 0 017 is under revision.

The background is the revision of the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17011, which specifies requirements for accreditation bodies.  The transition period determined for this standard expires on 30.11.2020.

The revision of the rule is carried out in the context of the new conception of the DAkkS rules and regulations.

The standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17011 as well as international rules of EA, ILAC and IAF apply with priority to Rule 71 SD 0 017.

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